At the beginning of my volunteering experience, we were free to offer activities according to our wishes at Action Art. So I came up with the idea of ​​releasing a participatory, joyful and dancing music video to celebrate the New Year, and Action Art helped me through the process. You can watch the video on this link!



The goal that I set for myself was to create a project in a country and a culture that was unknown to me, to manage the relationship and communication with the Greeks and to manage this project within an organization where everything had to be done remotely because of COVID. I wanted to overcome these obstacles to bring everyone together in a common project for the New Year. I know 2020 has not been an easy year for everyone, which is why I wanted to cheer up the people watching and participating in this video.


The music we had chosen comes from a music group from Bordeaux called Chelabôm. The people who participated in the video are volunteers from Greece and other countries who now in Greece like me, and friends from France. They sent me a lot of feedback telling me that they had really enjoyed making this video welcoming the new year. They had fun creating choreography outdoors, and participating in a group activity in times of Covid was good for them. Seeing them all together in the same video laughing, dancing and sharing the joy of life around them really warmed my heart, and to all the people who took part in this video for Action Art. All the people who saw the video and also friends, people working for Action Art as well as partners of the association and  their volunteers made a lot of positive feedback on this project thanks to the joy that was shared in the hope for a better year.

It was a great project that I would be ready to do again in the next years.