Hélène and I have written articles for the Balkan Hotspot magazine, “Balkan Beats”, which comes out every two months.

The theme of the magazine was “changes”. I decided to write an article on the French show “Nus et Culottés” and their new way of traveling. Hélène decided to write an article on sustainable food transition.


This article writing exercise was very enriching for both of us, since we had little or no journalism experience before. So we learned the basics of article writing. However, what was all the more enriching was having to write it in English, since we were at the beginning of our European voluntary service and we did not master English perfectly.


These skills that we learned were  first  all fear management and overcoming obstacles, especially writing the article in English. We relied on online translation sites and also on volunteers from the house, and we were quite proud of the result!

You can find the magazine online and our articles by following this link: https://issuu.com/united_societies_of_balkans/docs/issue33_final

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