During our volunteering project with Action Art, we took part in a collaboration with the Vafopoulio cultural center and the Big Bang school. However, the question at that time was how to offer artistic and educational activities online, despite the lockdown? So we offered online workshops for children, where they had to create works inspired by and different artistic movements and contemporary painters.

Pauline and I do not speak Greek, but communication with the participants was easy thanks to Rodia who translated what we said. Some children took the initiative to introduce themselves in French and others in English, which made us very happy. We were able to feel a real exchange and even more with the smiles that were drawn on the faces of the children when they showed us their works. The exchange was also done through gestures and the children were very invested in the games and in the presentation of the different artists.   We made them travel through the different eras, the different artistic movements and the different countries of origin of important painters of the 20th century as well as contemporary painters.

Parents participated themselves with their children, and together they were able to interact throughout the workshop! We liked it because it allowed them to share a moment of complicity and to feel accompanied.

With the quarantine, we were still able to offer the workshops online with great success. We were a little apprehensive but in the end everything went well.

At the end of our mobility, in a summer school in the countryside, we were able to offer creative workshops on site with children and we accompanied them to create their works. It was an exceptional sharing moment.

We were very happy to organize these workshops and to see that they were appreciated both by the participants and by our partners.

You will find here the video album of one of the workshops with works by children and parents!




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